Chess Puzzles and Tactics

Hard Chess Puzzles

Chess Puzzle #396 | White king at a8 preventing his a7 pawn from promoting while black pawns have a clear path forward, What should white do?
Chess Puzzle #354 | Black can win this game and it should not take more than three moves.
Chess Puzzle #371 | In this position, White can attack and take black’s rook on C file. Can you find the move?
Chess Puzzle #412 | There are a couple of mate in 3 solutions to this puzzle, but only one mate in 2 solutions. Can you see it?
Chess Puzzle #375 | Black’s position is weak. White can finish this game very quickly, Can you see How?
Chess Puzzle #367 | How should black continue the attack? Checkmate in 5.
Chess Puzzle #454 | In this complex looking position, white can deliver checkmate in two moves.
Chess Puzzle #425 | White can win this game. What is the Key Move? Mate in Three Moves. Difficulty: Hard.
Chess Puzzle #362 | White who has the move. What should he play? Mate in 4 moves.
Chess Puzzle #360 | White to Move, can you find the winning combination to this puzzle?
Chess Puzzle #394 | In this complex looking position, white has an advantage. Can you find the winning combination?
Chess Puzzle #17 | Black to move and Win, Find Checkmate in four moves.
Chess Puzzle #361 | A position from a game between Bobby Fischer and James Sherwin. White to Play and Win.
Chess Puzzle #351 | Black has a dangerous looking passed pawn. What should White play?
Chess Puzzle #423 | Black is a rook up. What should white do to regain material and wind the game.
Chess Puzzle #382 | There are several winning moves, but, what is the quickest way to win?
Chess Puzzle #450 | Black has a strong attack that wins material and the game. Don't move until you see it.
Mate in Two Moves - White to Play
Chess Puzzle #335 | White has a winning position, can you find the quickest route to the victory?