Chess Puzzles and Tactics

Mate in 3 chess puzzles

Chess Puzzle #354 | Black can win this game and it should not take more than three moves.
Chess Puzzle #398 | How should white move his king away from the check? Perhaps even win the game.
Chess Puzzle #352 | In this position there is a one move that wins the game for white. Can you see it? Difficulty: Easy.
Chess Puzzle #360 | White to Move, can you find the winning combination to this puzzle?
Chess Puzzle #425 | White can win this game. What is the Key Move? Mate in Three Moves. Difficulty: Hard.
White to Move and Mate in Three - Chess Puzzle #6
Chess Puzzle #375 | Black’s position is weak. White can finish this game very quickly, Can you see How?
Chess Puzzle #382 | There are several winning moves, but, what is the quickest way to win?